Planned Server Maintenance

IMPORTANT: Planned Maintenance Event Notification: completed.

Dear Aleyant Subscribers, on Saturday March 20th at 4:00 AM CST Pressero and eDocBuilder services will be temporarily offline while we start to wrap up a migration to newer servers. The newer servers will bring further stability to Aleyant services. The transition phase will take over the course of about 3 calendar days. Pressero and eDocBuilder will not be offline during the entire period (just an hour portion), however there will be some limitations until the transition completes.
UPDATE:  This will only affect subscribers on our CHI server. This will not affect subscribers on AMS or SG servers.

What will work:

Sites will be online.
  • You'll be able to take orders.
  • You'll be able to manage those orders, process payments, emails sent, approvals will take place.
  • You’ll be able to make changes to skins
  • Existing eDocBuilder based templates will be able to produce production files normally.
  • Most of what you do day to day will work as usual.

What will not work (temporarily):

Making changes to various areas of Pressero or eDocBuilder will not "go live" until after the transition is complete. This includes (but is not limited to) the following items:
  • Making changes to product images:
    • While you can add new images, there will be a delay (about 3 days) next week during the transition phase before they go live.
  • Editing or Adding new Calculator or Spreadsheet pricing engines:
    • While they can be added/edited, we recommend not making modifications during this time span, and over the next 3 days prior to the migration.
  • Adding new Pressero and eDocBuilder assets
    • You’ll be able to upload assets as usual immediately after the cut-over, but not for a brief 1 hour period
  • Uploading new fonts or images to eDocBuilder templates
    • You’ll be able to upload new items as usual immediately after the cut-over, but not for a brief 1 hr period


Aleyant will be posting updates on our Status Page, Support Portals, as well as removing the info from those areas once the migration has completed, at which point you will see any changes you made within the list noted above go live.
If you experience any other issues, including access issues or order problems, please reach out to our support team using the usual processes.
We understand that even though the limitations are not critical to being able to take orders, we know that it is still an inconvenience to you. We were not able to work around this but felt that the short inconvenience would be worth the stability everyone would be gaining in the long run. Thanks for bearing with us.