Aleyant Support policies regarding use and misuse of chat services. What is the expected use of Aleyant chat services? What can chat do for me? What can chat not do for me?

If you are using a Pressero or eDocBuilder subscription that includes chat service, there are certain expectations and limitations that need to be clear about how to use our chat service. Using chat appropriately is important, as there are extreme situations where inappropriate use -- or abuse -- of chat can result in a suspension of chat access for your account.
Chat is meant to be a quick way of getting answers to basic questions regarding your Pressero and eDocBuilder accounts, alerting us to issues that you might be seeing with our services, and for general questions regarding subscriptions and accounts.
Chats are handled by our active support staff who are available during their regular shifts. Our programmers and engineers do not handle chats. Any chats that require the attention of programming or infrastructure will need to be opened on tickets and submitted to the appropriate department for further attention.
Our support staff is always handling a high-volume of requests from a large number of accounts across many countries and time zones. Our support staff will always try to help with your request, but we may not able to help immediately with all issues or requests that are brought to us on chat.
The support staff can put in about 15-20 minutes at the most on any chat request, after that, the question will need to be opened on a ticket, researched further, and submitted to the appropriate department. The types of requests that support will only be able to give general direction on include -- but are not limited to -- the points below.
  • Billing issues or questions involving your accounts and subscriptions.
  • Questions related to sales or pricing on our products and services.
  • Custom skinning questions about the structure and code of a custom skin, or questions about how to write custom Javascript, HTML or CSS.
  • Complex questions about API processes, calls, and procedures.
  • Questions involving complex custom scripting on eDocBuilder templates.
  • Immediate resolutions to new or existing issues that are being handled by our programming department.
  • Immediate resolutions to new or existing issues that are affecting our network infrastructure and availability of services.
  • Desired changes to the applications, their functionality, how the features work.
When a chat is ended, you will be prompted with a survey that gives you a chance to let us know about your experience on that chat. We appreciate any honest feedback regarding our services.
We do not count individual complaints as abuse, as we do appreciate honest feedback from all our clients. We do understand basic frustration with issues taking time to resolve, problems with services that are preventing orders or projects from being completed, and frustration with how features might be expected to work.
We do sympathize with our clients who are having problems using our software, but there are situations where repeated misuse of chat constitutes abuse of the service. Situations where chat can be temporarily suspended for 30 days for an account include, but are not limited to, the types situations listed below.
  • Repeatedly opening a chat for an issue that you are seeing and refusing to answer questions from our support staff that will help them determine exactly what you are reporting, where the problem exists, and what needs to happen to resolve your request.
  • Repeatedly opening chats on the same issues that are open with programming or infrastructure, for the purpose of simply complaining that the issue is not yet resolved. If there is an open issue that you have communicated to us about, then a ticket (email thread) exists for that issue and that ticket should be used for any communication about that issue.
  • Repeatedly responding with negative surveys to issues that the support staff cannot resolve, and are not under the control of the support staff. The chat surveys are associated to the support staff who handled those chats, and reflect on their performance reviews.
  • Acting in an aggressive and insulting manner to the support staff. Our support staff are real people and do not deserve to be treated badly simply because of any issues with our applications.
We understand that problems with our applications can have a financial impact to your business, can use valuable time, and cause unwanted frustration. We understand that the functionality on our applications may not work exactly the way that you would like that functionality to work, and sometimes may not be a perfect fit for your workflow.
We will do our best to help you with any reasonable requests, but please understand that our support staff can only do so much on any given issue, even when we would very much like to do more.
Thank you very much for your attention and consideration!