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Disconnections when using Chat

We have been seeing a problem with chats disconnecting unexpectedly, and we are working to resolve these issues. If your chat disconnects, please understand that it was not intentional. Please open another chat if this happens, and we are sorry for any frustration.

Please note that our support system now requires you to register an account to submit any tickets for issues or questions, and access to our knowledgebase articles. Your Pressero/eDocBuilder/Print Job Manager/tFlow account credentials will not work to access this support portal. You can read more about this change here: Please Read: Support Portal updates

Please review our policies regarding use and expectations for chat support services on the article below.
What is the expected use of Aleyant chat services? What can chat do for me? What can chat not do for me?
Support hours: We provide 24 hour coverage during the work week. This coverage begins on Sundays at 8PM Central US and goes through Fridays, at 7PM Central US.  Weekends and holidays you may create a support ticket or leave a message with our answering service so someone can get back to you as soon as we become available.
Submitting a Ticket: Select the "Tickets" link above (login required).
Phone Calls: If you would prefer that we call you back after receiving your support ticket, simply indicate that in your comment area. Most questions do require us to investigate the item and find out what package you are running, so it is much more efficient to send as much detail to us and then we can call you back with our findings. 
Knowledge Base: There are hundreds of common questions and answers in our Knowledge Base (above) and you can view Documentation, Videos, and other helpful information by selecting your product from the button choices below. You will need to create an account and login to the support portal to access knowledgebase articles.

Network and Application Status: Our status page at https://status.aleyant.com/ will show any current important announcements about our applications and network. You can register at the lower-right of that page to sign up for email notifications.

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