UPDATE: Regarding Temporary Base Domains

Our infrastructure team was able to resolve the issue that caused the need for updating the domains. Due to the fix, it is no longer urgent that you update your domains to the correct temp. domain format.
However, we still recommend making the needed changes to avoid problems down the line.
We apologize for the confusion our previous announcement may have caused regarding temp domain formatting. Here’s a quick guide:
The change does not affect custom domain names.
So names like posters.mycustomdomain.com or shop.mycustomdomain.com are not affected.
The notice was specific to temporary domains that use one of the formats:
The “unique” part of the temp. domain should use dashes instead of periods. So this example is okay:
And this may cause issues:
Notice the period between “sams” and “posters”. You should use a dash instead.
But again, for your own custom domains, you may use the standard subdomain format as you have been doing.
All would be okay.
If you do have to update any domains (that currently only use a temp. domain url), some of your clients may already have bookmarked the existing URLs. So you can take the following steps to keep a transparent transition for your clients:
  1. Do not delete the current domain, add a new, secured, domain with the correct format
  2. Make the new one the primary domain (put the star next to it)
  3. Check “Redirect to Primary Domain”
  4. Save.
This does not apply to custom domains.