Important Update regarding your storefronts and Chrome's new cookie policy.

In preparation for Chrome's announced changes in cookie handling on the Chrome browser, Pressero subscribers will see an update Tuesday, January 28, 2020 to meet the new guidelines set by the Chromium team. 
The changes in Pressero will not impact most of our subscribers - however, it has the potential to be disruptive in certain instances. 
The release tomorrow morning will see two major impacts: 
  1. The Live Palette Editor in the SITE > Appearance > Customize area will temporarily not be functioning. We're hoping to release an update again at the end of the week to restore this feature. It only affects the Live Palette Editor, not the regular Customize area. 

  1. The release will affect subscribers who are using Pressero in an iFrame. This will impact users who make use of cXML only if they added “/?iframe=true” to the setup URL (https://{domain}/cxml/setup) 
  • If your customer's punchout wants to run the punchout session inside an iFrame, you may run into browser related security restrictions. By default, Pressero will attempt to "break out" of the iFrame. If you would like to disable this behavior and attempt to run the session in an iFrame, add /?iframe=true to the setup url.  So the new url would be https://{domain}/cxml/setup/?iframe=true 
  • This section will now be obsolete due to the new Chrome policy and removed from our documentation. 
  • Pressero has never supported running Pressero via an iFrame. If you have used a work-around, this will potentially break that. We will be unable to provide support on this. 
For any remaining issues, you’re welcome to open a ticket with our support team at: and one of our agents will be happy to assist.