Use of Pressero Requested Ship Date requires attention for customers integrating Pressero with another solution

A recent update to the Requested Ship Date in Pressero now allows the possibility of a null value in the date field. Due to this change we unintentionally caused a problem with some of the integrations using Pressero's API or XML file through AWI.
We addressed this problem on our end with the integrations we developed and the fix should be live early tomorrow (November 30). Once released, customers integrating through Embedded Services should be able to use the Sync option to push any orders that are still in the queue. Others should be able to manually add the date while editing the order.
If you are a customer who does their own integration either through the API or XML file, you should make a change to allow for a null value in the date field to resolve any problems you may be experiencing. 
If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact our support department so we can assist you further. 
We apologize for any issues this may have caused, 
Terri Wymore