Aleyant Forum closed effective 8-13-18

After careful consideration, I have decided to close the forum effective next Monday, August 13, 2018. 

I understand that this may come as a surprise and a disappointment to those that have used this forum over the years. My original hope for the forum was to provide a place for collaboration among our product users, a place to share best practices, and of course also to provide a way for you to communicate to us on what features you feel are important for us to consider for future enhancements. 

While there was some collaboration among users, it was not often. What I found was that there was a main group that visited the forum to let us know what features they wanted us to add. While that was helpful, I was not hearing from all our users. 

Our support team has always directed customers to this forum if we didn't have a solution they were looking for, but the problem we are seeing is that only a small number of our clients have actually posted on our forums. This means that we have been missing feature requests and discussions from our users, and we want a better way to see what our clients are asking for, what kinds of practical limitations they are running into when using our products.

About a month ago I asked our support teams to start copying me in on any support ticket where a customer was looking for something we did not have. This has been very helpful to me and from my perspective, has given me a much better overall picture of customer needs.

Going forward please do continue to reach out to our support departments and describe to them what you are trying to accomplish that you aren't seeing a solution for. Possibly they will have an answer for you, or possibly they will be able to offer a workaround others have used in the past. Know that they will be copying me in on those emails so I can see what it is you were looking for. I will continue to record the items in our ticketing system and will continue to update the popularity of those requests. I will also continue to look for other ways to engage with you through phone calls, personal visits to your facility or the like. To make sure you don't miss any product update notices, sign up to receive our company blog:

I sincerely want to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to post and interact with us through these forums. Each of you has given us valuable insight into our user's experiences, and we appreciate all your effort. I look forward to talking with you sometime soon.
Terri Wymore
Product Manager for Pressero and eDocBuilder