Trick or Treat! SEO Tips for Better Web-to-Print Sites

Get ready for black hats, white hats, spiders, dead links, stickiness, crawlers and robots! This may sound like a Halloween post but it’s really SEO (Search Engine Optimization) terminology that applies to your W2P e-commerce storefronts.

Aleyant's Channel Manager, Greg Bane, just finished reading a real page-turner by Michael H. Fleischner: SEO Made Simple, 3rd edition. That may sound a bit sarcastic, but he truly enjoyed this educational and insightful read on SEO. Get ready to learn some new acronyms and terminology, because there are a ton of them discussed and explained!

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  • Proven, Step-by-Step SEO for Your Web-To-Print Printstore
  • Two Main Areas for your SEO Efforts
  • Cost Effective SEO for Web-to-Print