How to embed missing fonts

During the PDF preflight one or more fonts could be missing and so the resulting PDF will also miss these fonts.

To fix the PDF automatically we then need to make tFlow server working as a font server someway.
This could be done with placing the fonts in a special folder on tFLOW server and adding a specific fixup in your tFlow scripts that is embedding the missing fonts getting them from this special fonts folder.

In the fixup you could then enter the path to your font folder:

Other option would be to install these fonts into Windows system fonts which we will not allow to preserver the server and to not overload the system.
Please note that Callas is checking the license flag inside the fonts files.
This flag is to allow or not the embedding. If this flag is disabled in the font file then Callas will not embed them.

We provide this as a professional service giving you an ftp access to your font folder and we could also help you in creating/editing the profiles (automation scripts).