Can a single site support multiple languages?

Question: Can a single site display in multiple languages? If so, we would like some additional information on best practices for site and product setup.
Answer: ​Currently Pressero can have only one culture (language) setting for each store. Note that some controls and text within the Pressero store will display based on the Buyers language setting in their Browser. If the Browser language is set to French, some website items such a buttons, etc. will display in French. You can test this and see what changes by resetting the primary language of your Browser from English to another language.
However, there are some multiple language steps you can take:
Option 1: Google translation services be used. Some of our customers have had success with this using third party widgets or snippets for language options. One example is below: 
  • Go to this website:
  • Copy the HTML code and add it in the site settings SEO/HTML tab under HTML content for bottom of <head> section
  • You would then be able to see the Google translate button on each page of your website to translate.
Note: You may have to customize the code (texts in it) as per your requirements and then add it to the site.
Option 2: Rather than have something translate your product and custom pages, you could create two versions of each. One in English, one in French or Spanish for example. Create an English Category and a French Category for your product Catalog and assign the English products to the English Category, etc.
When a Buyer clicks the English Category, they will see the products in English, French in French and Spanish in Spanish.