List Manager - List Views Create/Edit/Delete Views

Estimates and Jobs List Manager

In this document we will cover creating/editing/deleting Estimate/Jobs List views in the List Manager.

Jobs > List Manager

  1. List Configurations: Choose a list view from the drop down in order to edit its properties.
  2. Add New: Use this button to create a new list view.
  3. Name: Edit the name of the list view.
  4. Remaining Columns: This is the list of columns that can be used in a jobs list. Select one column or many columns by holding (shift), then click the arrow to move the selected columns to the used columns list.
  5. Used Columns: Items that are being used in the list view. By selecting the item and using the up and down arrows you can change the order. If you want to remove a column just select it and click the red remove button.
  6. Tab Options: Select Tabs for top of jobs list view. 
  7. Initial Tab: Once tab option is selected choose an initial tab.
  8. Search Term: Set a default search term.
  9. Shared: Option to share list with other users.
  10. Status: Select type or types of statuses you want available. Highlight each item needed.
  11. Facilities: Select facility or facilities needed.
  12. Sort Columns: Set various sort orders of columns from drop down
  13. Group Columns: Set various column groups from drop down

If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support