Estimate - Convert to Order/Job

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In this document we will cover turning active estimates into an order/job. Pending estimates must be recalculated after adding materials, production and outsourced costs and saving the estimate.

To Convert an Estimate to an active Job

Open Estimate Form

Click on “Estimate” from action menu.


Accept a Quantity or Reject All

  1. Select the proper quantity and the estimate will now be an order in PrintJobManager
  2. Select to reject all


Final Estimate Acceptance Page

Once you choose the appropriate quantity and price you are taken to the Acceptance page for the estimate.

  1. Estimate Notes: These can be any additional notes that your customer would like to leave for you.
  2. Add Files for Job: This upload connects to your Amazon S3 storage server and will give your customer the opportunity to upload a file for you to use on this job. **note that you must have an Amazon S3 service connected in order for this to function. If not connected it will be grayed out.***
  3. Once information is entered then click the Submit Order button and your estimate will then be converted from an estimate to an order automatically.
If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support