Estimate - Create - Edit - Copy

In this document we will cover how to create, edit, and copy estimates. PrintJobManager uses the product engines that you have created allowing anybody to create and send an estimate from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

The client will receive the estimate link in an email where they can accept or reject the estimate. If the customer accepts the estimate it will automatically convert to a job in PrintJobManager.


Starting an Order

All Estimates, as with Jobs, start in the same way as a “New Order” by clicking on the green “New Order” button.

Once your customer information has been entered, and you select “Save and Start Estimate” button, then you will move to the estimate screen.


Create an Estimate

  1. Name - the name of the estimate
  2. Due Date
  3. Production Notes: These are internal production notes.
  4. Add Files: If connected to Amazon S3, you can add files for the estimate.
  5. Custom Fields: If created, any custom fields associated with “Job/Estimate” will show
  6. Product Engine Type: Choose the category of product engine to select
  7. Product Engine: Choose the product engine that you wish to use.


Calculate Estimate

Once you choose the selected pricing engine then the rest of the pricing options and calculations will then appear.

  1. Answer Product Engine Prompts
  2. Calculate Price
  3. Quantity and Price Basis (No Mark up)
  4. Price Group - for mark up/down
  5. Mark up breakdown
  6. Shipping Method
  7. Shipping Charges
  8. Pre-Tax Price - can be edited
  9. Tax
  10. Sell Price
  11. Estimate Notes - these are customer facing notes that will show in the email and acceptance screen.
  12. Expiration date of estimate
  13. Save options
    1. Save - Save and return to List View
    2. Save & Add Another Estimate - Adds another estimate to the order
    3. Save as Pending - Saves estimate for future adjustments
    4. Save & Send - Saves estimate and sends an email to the customer for approval.


Edit Estimate

By selecting “Edit Estimate” you will be returned to the Estimate pricing screen. You may then edit and change any of the options, due date, notes, markups that is required then have the same Save options as before.

Please Note, you can see the previous submitted price for both estimates and jobs. This is a non-editable field for reference only.


Copy Estimate

To make a copy of an Estimate, select "Copy Estimate" from wheel icon, see below. Once copied you can make any changes and save.

If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support