In this document we will cover add, adjust inventory levels, use/post, consolidate and destroy material items that are tracked.
Note: Before you can create material transaction you should have checked the "Track Inventory" button when manually putting in materials, or have "True" in the "Track Inventory column when importing materials, see below.
Materials Track Inventory
Materials – Tracking Inventory
  1. Track Inventory: By selecting the check box to the left you will include this material for tracking.
  2. Back Order Allowed: By selecting the check box to the left Not allow orders to be processed if there is not enough material in inventory.
  3. Starting Inventory amount on-hand: Enter the beginning balance for the specified material
  4. Inventory transaction Integration Id: For future API integrations.
  5. Bin: select a bin (Secondary Category)
  6. Save/Cancel: Save your work, or Cancel will exit without saving any modifications, or changes you have made.
Materials – Create Transaction (Materials>Materials)
  • Select the inventory icon #3 (Above)
  1. Add New: Select to create a new material transaction
  2. Date: Default will show today's date, you can pick and post date transactions.
  3. Transaction Type: Select 1 of the 6 choices shown in the drop down window.
  4. Quantity (Required*): Enter a positive number, 4 decimal places, or a negative number shown as -123.4567.
  5. Notes: Enter any notes that may needed for this transaction, Waste, Return, Re-Run, Water Damage, etc.
  6. Job Number: Enter the job number that the materials will be posted or transferred to. 
  7. From: If this an inventoried item for an organization, you can select it from the organization from drop down list.
  8. Item Value: Must add value of item here.
  9. Integration Id: Is for future API development.
  10. Save or Cancel: 
If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support