How can I see my changes in the site right away?

You can clear the cache in your site by adding /clearcache to the end of the URL of your site.  As an example, go to  The site will spin for a few seconds as the process completes.  If the site is a B2B site, you will need to be logged into the site before you can access the /clearcache page.  You can also try using this same process with /flushcache to see if that helps as well.
Clear the browser Cache:
Sometimes Browser holds the caches and in those cases you will not see the change after /clearcache and hence clearing the browser caches will also allow you to see the recent changes you made on the site. On windows system you can just use Ctrl + Shift + R to clear browser cache and on MAC you can use Shift + cmd + del. You can also clear browser cache through browser settings
Log off and Login: 
If you are not able to see the changes after you have taken above steps, then try log off and login again to see the changes on the site.
Generally, adding /clearcache to the end of the URL of your site works, however, if it does not then you can try other method listed above.