tFLOW - Pressero Connection (using AWI)

Pressero product attributes
Pressero allows users to create customer product "attributes" as a means of managing additional information that could be important to an integration.

This attribute will be used by Pressero and tFlow to automatically select the production queue for the products. 
In order to use the attributes for each product defined in a Pressero W2P site we need to add a new Attirbute in the system preferences.
  1. Login into Pressero as admim
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Click on Product Attributes
  4. Create a new Attribute calling it “tflow_product”
  5. Create a new Attribute calling it “tflow_queue” (optional)
  6. Save
Now edit the settings of the products of the Web2print web site.
Click on Sites then click on your web2print storefront.
Click on Products to edit the list of the predefined products.
In this window:
  1. click on Attributes
  2. Now from the Attributes dropdown select the product attribute created at the step before (tflow_product) and enter the name of an existing product in tFlow (product names are case sensitive)
  3. Press “Add to List” to set the queue value to the attribute then press Save.
  4. Repeat for all the other products in Pressero

AWI application (look at end of this doc for the download link) will upload the PDF to tFlow and an XML file to tFlow FTP shared hotfolder, including also:
  1. the Product name
  2. the Production queue name (tBot queue)
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<approval secret_key="Ah5l5DfuebGJ5KDh235g59Bf6fp2DsJHcF3Gfnn1xk">
  <command type="create_job">
    <client_name>Redfrog, LLC</client_name>
    <order_name>Pressero Order #20</order_name>
    <job_name>Pressero Order #20-1</job_name>
    <workflow_name>Approval Workflow</workflow_name>
    <description>8.5 x 11 Color Copies - </description>
    <user_name>Andrea Pizzeghella</user_name>
    <product_name>8.5 x 11 Color Copies</product_name>
      <tflow queue="8.5 x 11 Color Copies"/>
The ftp login details  for XML (AWI) upload to tFlow are usually provided together your tFLOW Welcome letter.
Please refer to this page to obtain help on AWI.
tFlow: new Product definition
One of the most important update in tFLOW v6 is the definition of the “Product”.
A product is basically a container that defines the following things:
  1. The product name, published and made visible in the new job /order window
  2. The production automation profile, this is the old preflight profile
  3. The proof profile
  4. The finishing Profile: this is a profile (kfpx) that is run at approval time to apply additional finishings (bleeds, grommets etc..) to the PDF before it is sent to Production.
    This profile is not available in the Proof, Preflight and Professional plans.

Using Pressero attribute will make sure that in tFlow the product assigned to the uploaded jobs will be automatically assigned.
This, of course, only if in tFLOW a product with exactly the same name is defined (product names are case-sensitive).
In order to implement a working automation it is then required to define the Pressero product attributes assigning to them an existing tFlow product name.
Important note:
AWI 2.0.2 or later is required, the download is available here:
tBot is available here