How to connect tBot to tFLOW

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tBot is connecting to tFlow via http and is using the tFlow API to connect, publish the queues and exchange data. 

1. Create a service user in tFlow

-Login in tFlow with an account with admin rights then go to Users and create a new account.
-Name it tBot and set is as admin. Assign it to the main instance company and make sure the flags for "Auto assign this user to new Orders" and "Auto assign to new company" are checked.
-In the email address field just enter a fake email address like "".

Last, disable all the email notificaitons for this user (Email alerts)!


2. Login with tBot user in tFlow

When logged in click on top right on the user avatar then select "My profile"

-scroll the profile page to bottom and click on "Show Api credentials"
-copy the 2 API and Secret key (we will use at next step).


3 Run tBot 

Enter a tBot instance name
-click on "Settings" then on "instance name" and enter an unique name for the tBot instance.

Create a new queue

-Add  a "Download" action to the queue actions.
-In the server field enter the url of your tFlow instance in a format like ""
-Enter the API and the Secret keys you generated at previous step
-Enter the destination folder of the downloaded PDFs

Now press "Test connection" to make sure a connection could be established.

Press Save to save the queue configuration.

4. Done!

Now your new queue will be visible in tFlow and ready to download the jobs sent to production to this queue.