How to config Zund queues in tBot

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How to config Zund queues in tBot
You need to set configuration as follow:
1. Configure tBot download action:

  • Choose “tFlow” as data source (default value) field 1
  • Put tFlow server url to field 2 (Example: - only root url required)
  • Put API key to field 3
  • Put Secret key to field 4
  • Choose “Download folder” - local directory for downloaded files (You can write it by hand or press F2/ellipsis to open directory selection) field 5
  • Choose interval to check new files on server field 6
  • Choose retrieve interval and attempts count field 7
  • You can group files in “Download folder” by customer’s names or order number. This means that tBot will create special folder for customer’s name or order in “Download folder” and put related files to this directory. field 8
  • Choose file type to download. You can select: field 9
  • Production (default value)
  • Proof file
  • Click “Test Connection”. You should see message that connection settings are valid. Field 10
2. Select “Zund” from systems list
3. Load material from config file
  • Click on “Set xml” button and load file mediatypes.xml
  • The default path to Prep Center mediatypes.xml is: "%localappdata%\Grafitroniks\Print Compositor\mediatypes.xml"
  • The material list will be loaded from the XML file and will populate the Zund materials dropdown
4. Check materials list

5. Put Zund server url(Example: http://localserver:8080/ - only root url required)

6. Save the queue.
7. tBot will create in tFlow “virtual queue” for each hot folder, so user can select in tFlow destination. Format of queue will be: {Queue name} – {material}

8.tBot will make http request to Zund server and submit a new job.