tFLOW supported file formats


tFlow offers the possibility to convert several file formats to PDF. In order to receive the best results, the applications in which the files have been created are used for this conversion.

Application File type
Microsoft Word .doc .docx .dot .dotx .dotm .rtf .txt .xml 
Microsoft Excel .xls .xlsx .xlsm .xlt .xltx .xltm
Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt .pptx .pps .ppsx .pot .potx .potm .ppa .ppam 
Microsoft Visio .vsd .vdx .vdw .vss .vsx
Microsoft Project .mpp .mpt .mpd .mpw .mpx
Microsoft Publisher  .pub
OpenOffice Writer .odt .ott .sxw .stw .doc .rtf .sdw .vor .txt .pdb .xml .psw .docx .docm .dotx .dotm .602 .wpd .hwp
OpenOffice Calc .ods .ots .sxc .stc .dif .dbf .xls .xlt .sdc .vor .slk .csv .pxl .uos .xlc .xlm .xlw .sdc .xlsb .xlsm .xlsx .xltm .xltx .wb2
OpenOffice Impress  .odp .otp .sxi .sti .ppt .pot .sxd .sda .sdd .vor .uop .odg .cgm .pptm .pptx .potm .potx
PostScript and EPS files .ps .eps
Image files

 .tiff .tif .jpeg .jpg .png


 .html .htm


1-Illustrator AI files are supported only if the file can be interpreted as PDF (saved with “Create PDF compatible file" option).

2-Office documents are converted to PDF using Open Office. Some advanced functionalities (formatting) are not fully supported by Open Office.