Pressero Release Notes

Release Notes for Pressero v6 


Bug Fixes 

  • #66169 – Corrected issue where active products that are part of a kit on a site cannot be deleted.
  • #66210 – Corrected issue with error occurring on orders for $0.
  • #66256 – Corrected issue where no pricing returned for Printer's Plan integration. 
  • #66328 – Corrected issue with item continually returning to “Saved for Later” area.  
  • #66361 – Corrected issue where error returned during serialization or deserialization using the JSON.
  • #66465 – Corrected issue where incorrect order quantities sent to Printer’s Plan when kitted items are used.
  • #64609 – Corrected issue with inactive subscriber access to Admin and APIs.
  • #64803 – Corrected issue where Budget field is empty in edited budgets on Storefront.  
  • #64811 – Corrected issue where “you cannot edit this information…” message appeared when editing deleted payment.  
  • #65247 – Corrected issue with orders level report where State/Province missing from report writer.
  • #65403 – Corrected issue with inability to save payment method with specific name.
  • #65776 – Corrected issue with site Address Book allowing addresses to be saved without specifying required profile field.
  • #65814 – Corrected issue with order status not displaying in Admin and storefront.
  • #65824 – Corrected issue where new functionality alert window recurs for Admin users.
  • #66082 – Corrected issue with Presswise integration errors.  
  • #66088 – Corrected issue with user unable to user unable to check or pay with Authorize.Net CIM payment method.

  • #66180 – Corrected issue where orders from Pressero to Pace showed incorrect ship date in Pace.
  • #65873 – Corrected issue with embedded service integration where inventory transaction did not return to stock after product order cancelled.
  • #66015 – Corrected issue with tFlow embedded services pricing attributes not working without Automation Hub involved. 
  • #66192 – Implemented enhancement to ShipStation integration to allow subscribers to select a specific store; added new field, “Default Sales Store”, to Credentials.
Bug Fixes
  • #66228 – Corrected issue with Orders failing to push to PrintSmith Vision, and not able to push manually. 
  • #66099 – Corrected issue with ParcelCast integration; third-party shipping information not passing to ParcelCast from Pressero. 
  • #66285 – Corrected issue with order approval of integrated payment.  
Bug Fixes
  • #66136 – Corrected issue with Live Palette Editor tab preview. 
  • #66152: Corrected issue with Live Palette Editor failing to load sites with long domains and/or with dashes.

Bug Fixes
  • Implemented enhancements to Pressero to handle changes in the Chrome browser for cookie handling, per guidelines set by the Chromium team.


  • #64090 – Implemented enhancement to include Lost password and Create Account links on Universal Login page.
  • #64185 – Implemented enhancement to update the duplicated site information message when site plan set limit exceeded. 
  • #65569 – Implemented enhancement to change skin version check html page to use relative path. 
  • #65594 – Implemented enhancement to site duplication from one subscriber to another in support panel to use stored procedure. 
  • #65897 – Implemented enhancement to ShipStation plug-in (change contact mapping). 
  • #62847 – Implemented enhancement to investigate nHibernate cache & SQL connection issues. 

Bug Fixes: 

  • #61990 – Corrected issue with acceptance text displayed on the Job Detail Report.
  • #65725 – Corrected issue with login using twitter account via SSO. 
  • #65729 – Corrected issue with Search for Subject in Email Notification History.
  • #65738 – Corrected issue with PrintSmith server where loss of communication was not logged and emails were not sent. 
  • #65598 – Corrected issue with error in API - /api/v2/Orders/Search when product name sorting is used.
  • #65642 – Corrected issue in which Save button in Catalog Organization area disappears on smaller screens.
  • #64240 – Corrected issue with uploaded CMYK image being converted to RGB in preview file.
  • #64333 – Corrected issue where USPS tracking link via "" does not return a result.
  • #64470 – Corrected issue where update department API returns an error.
  • #64786 – Corrected issue where system redirects back to item #1 instead of item #2 of the order when clicking cancel button in the shipping tab in item #2.
  • #64801 – Corrected issue where import progress fails to complete to 100% for site users.
  • #64841 – Corrected issue with Pressero using a contains clause that is sending parameters to the database.
  • #64843 – Corrected issue with saving user data. 
  • #64859 – Corrected issue with object reference error on product page (Add to Cart). 
  • #65034 – Corrected issue with EFI PSV integration (no default contact parameter in settings).
  • #65038 – Corrected issue where resend notification is displayed even if no vendor is assigned to order.
  • #65129 – Corrected issue with increased timeouts for PSV plug-in. 
  • #65150 – Corrected issue where product list fails to load in the duplicate product window. 
  • #65191 – Corrected issue with orders using Embedded Services. 
  • #65240 – Corrected issue with inventory showing 0 stock for the products on site even after the stock is well above the reorder point. 
  • #65259 – Corrected issue where inventory report on site doesn't allow all items to be exported to PDF. 
  • #65341 – Corrected issue where orders are not being displayed in staging.
  • #65371 – Corrected issue where address book import failed to import with missing State/Province for Bahrain.
  • #65412 – Corrected issue where MiddleName label is using the same class as FirstName label: "form-group settings-user-firstname".
  • #65416 – Corrected issue where user is not able to login (nHibernate).

  • #65736 – Corrected issue with orders paid through PagSeguro, PayPal and PayU WebCheckout shown as Order Cancelled. 
  • #65698 – Corrected issue where orders cancelled after being paid. 
  • #65855 – Corrected issue where eDocBuilder is unable to be assigned to Pressero product with a large number of eDocBuider templates present. 
  • #65133 – Corrected issue with shopping cart error (“Shopping cart is not ready for checkout”).
  • #65670 – Implemented enhancement to how Tax Override is calculated with regards to shipping.

  • #65682 – Corrected issue where Pressero orders did not sync consistently or send information to ShipStation.

  • #64914 – Corrected issue with storefront navigation (breadcrumbs) not displaying complete path. 
  • #65481 – Corrected issue with order not syncing to tFlow and displaying an error in Embedded Services tab.

  • #65366 – Corrected issue with Payflow Pro error when order declined. 
  • #65603 – Corrected issue with workflow-related changes to stored procedure that retrieves “All order” and “Report data.” 
  • #65681 – Corrected issue with Approve Order Emails not generated.

  • #65631 – Corrected issue with login using site user impersonation on admin. 

  • #65490 – Corrected issue with ShipStation plug-in to adjust integration logic. 
  • #64835 – Corrected issue with ShipStation integration. 
  • #65511 – Corrected issue accessing Products in Admin. 
  • #64860 – Corrected issue with JNE shipping method. 
  • #65080 – Implemented enhancement that adds Provinces of Finland to the Location drop-down. 
  • #65132 – Corrected issue with display of shipping address in New Order email notification. 

  • #65216 – Corrected issue with the deletion of personal information when logging in with SSO connection. 
  • #65277 & #65231 – Corrected issue with Authorize.Net CIM payment method. 
  • #65253 – Implemented enhancement to checkout process for integrated (credit card) payment methods. Order status will be “Order Cancelled” until the payment is completed.

  • #65018 – Corrected issue where widgets not accessible on sites. 
  • #65476 – Corrected issue with customer unable to create new sites in admin. 
  • #65508 – Correct issue with customer unable to duplicate sites in admin.

  • #65475 – Corrected issue where customized eDocBuilder product items causes error. 

  • #64229 – Corrected issue where new order and approval email notifications not sent from multiple sites/accounts. 
  • #65228 – Corrected issue with eDocBuilder files not generated in Pressero. 
  • #65226 – Corrected issue with Report Writer reports not running.

  • #65227 – Corrected issue with site duplication.

  • #65293 – Corrected issue with users not able to check out; clicking “Finish Editing” or “Save for later” logs user out. 


  • #65055 – Corrected issue with OAuth configuration. 
  • #65204 – Corrected creating new categories in Asset > Categories when description was empty.  
  • #65190 – Corrected issue with error for eDocBuilder templates drop-down when no templates are linked. 
  • #65186 – Corrected issue where site duplication fails if there are no Site Users in the site. 
  • #65010 – Implemented enhancement to ShipStation to add products. 
  • #65060 – Corrected issue where user received duplicates of the same email notifications.

  • #64133 – Corrected issue where “My Profile” texts on the guest user email notification was not showing properly.

  • #65178 – Corrected issue where all shipping methods in the Shipping Drop Down showed the same rate.

  • #65088 – Corrected issue where duplicated site on dedicated server experienced an error on checkout. 
  • #65092 – Corrected issue with Authorize.Net CIM error after hitting the payment button. 
  • #65111 – Corrected issue where Site Inventory no longer shows inventory for items in kits with the lowest stock levels. 
  • #65152, #65158, #65160 – Corrected issue with user duplication, site duplication and kit duplication.

  • #65113 – Corrected issue updating shipping information for orders containing multiple items. 
  • #65122 – Corrected issue with site duplication for Support Control Panel; site fails to duplicate if Product assigned to Vendor. 
  • #65128 – Corrected issue with product duplication.

  • #64757 – Corrected issue with intermediate approval email. 


  • #65069 – Corrected issue with customized products error: “Unfortunately an error has occurred.”

  • #64842 – Corrected issue with concurrency problem in log.  
  • #64881 – Corrected issue with arrow keys in page form. 
  • #64887 – Corrected issue with property reference error. 
  • #64890 – Corrected issue with orders of more than 10 items returning an error on checkout. 
  • #64894 – Corrected issue with category save when name field is empty. 
  • #64961 – Corrected issue with CIC payment gateway. 
  • #64996 – Corrected issue in vendor email where vendor link returns an error.

  • #64760 – Corrected issue where CXML PO orders are not getting shipping/billing address information. 


  • #64761 – Corrected issue where Authorize.Net CIM returns error: “The transaction was unsuccessful. (E00027) Bill To First Name is required.” 
  • #64812 – Corrected issue with nHibernate issue where a query in Pressero for location cause the application to add to order. 
  • #64815 – Corrected issue with nHibernate where error occurred while removing invalid items from the card.
  • #64823 – Corrected issue where Site group failed to delete.
  • #64844 – Corrected issue with Approve Order Request emails.


  • #64767 – Corrected issue with nHibernate list not being displayed.  
  • #64771 – Corrected issue with nHibernate when inserting the shipment for an order item.

  • #64597 – Corrected issue with Authorize.Net CIM and Google Chrome with controls for entering card information, choosing previously saved card information, and behavior after hitting the payment method button. 



  • #59063 – Removed M-PESA from the list of available Payment Methods.
  • #60713 – Implemented enhancement to the Order History where orders eligible to approve was not visible to approver unless View All Orders was turned on.
  • #63149 – Implemented enhancement to the credit card checkout method which displays iFrames over the page.
  • #63381 – Implemented update to the Payment Incomplete page that renames it to “Pending Payment.”
  • #63460 – Implemented enhancement to the Payment Received trigger so that it provides the same “data out” information as is available in the “Order Placed” trigger.
  • #63589 & #64080 – Implemented enhancement to the Authorize.Net CIM Payment Method. 
  • #63751 – Implemented enhancement for a customer that changed the font in custom skins.
  • #64077 – Implemented enhancement to the payment process that allows customers to go back and pay for an order after the credit card was declined or the payment was previously cancelled.
  • #64144 – Implemented enhancement to the EFI Pace integration that corrects the “Promise Date” for an order.

Bug Fixes

  • #63198 – Corrected issue where errors occurred on Checkout page for Kit and Kit Components that contain decimals in the quantity.
  • #63495 – Corrected issue with site duplication occurring after site plan limit exceeded.
  • #63497 – Corrected issue with duplicate email notifications.
  • #63884 – Corrected issue with PayFast Payment Method where extra zeroes at the end of the total caused validation to fail.
  • #64147 – Corrected issue with missing menu options after a site duplication.
  • #64479 – Corrected issue to provide option to cancel credit card pop-up.\
  • #64481 – Corrected issue with payment configuration error.

Bug Fixes

  • #63938 & 63376 – Implemented enhancement to JNE Shipping Method with a new API and updated service codes. 


  • #63237 – Implemented enhancement to ShipStation integration (carriers and services mapping).

Bug Fixes

  • $64437 – Corrected issue where orders showed as unpaid in Pressero but PayFlow Pro Hosted showed the transaction as approved.

Bug Fixes

  • #64281, #63243, #64066 – Corrected issues with ShipStation (shipment date, tracking number).
  • #63576 – Corrected issue with iPay88 payment method.



  • #63171 – Removed “Beta” label from the Live Palette Editor button in Admin > [Select Site] > Appearance > Skins.
  • #63215 – Updated Tharstern API to include Shipping Value.
  • #63376 – Updated JNE shipping method.

Bug Fixes

  • #63603 – Corrected issue with Report Writer. When a user saves a report without selected any column then all columns are added to the report.
  • #63714 – Corrected issue with EM! embedded service.
  • #63363 – Corrected issue where order number column filter displayed decimal places after returning to Orders page.
  • #59214 – Corrected issue where the shipping method minimum charge was applied to multiple boxes in a shipment.
  • #62794 – Corrected issue where a site address not marked as secure received a certificate and preventing redirection to the primary address.
  • #63424 – Corrected issue where site-side Order History showed more results for filter “Orders eligible for me to approve” than “Awaiting approval.”
  • #63598 – Corrected issue with differences in shipping rates for DHL shipping method. “Account Number” added to Carrier Accounts for DHL.
  • #63762 – Corrected issue with sporadic errors when submitting an order.
  • #63498 – Corrected issue where attempting to add products to cart resulted in error message.

  • #63811 – Corrected issue with CIC payment method.  
  • #63054 – Corrected issue with CIC API.


  • #63590 – Removed obsolete tag from Authorize.Net CIM and Authorize.Net Standard payment methods and made them available to be used.


  • #61900, #61946, #62672 – Implemented enhancements to the site duplication function that include custom emails, profile fields and embedded services.
  • #62041 – Implemented enhancement to update current version of Bootstrap to 3.4.1.
  • #62650 – Implemented enhancement to disable V1 shipping methods from selection drop-down (older versions of Australia Post [Domestic and International Parcels), FedEx, USPS, UPS and USP Freight are now marked as obsolete].
  • #62651 – Implemented enhancement to remove warnings for old plan options (Workflow, Approval Plan and Email Notification).
  • #63392 – Implemented enhancement to rename Acceleship OnPoint shipping method to Parcelcast.  
  • #63054 – Implemented enhancement to the CIC payment method.

Bug Fixes

  • #62698 – Corrected issue where order complete/order item completed shows Shipping To information as blank.   

  • #62800 – Corrected issue where product item initially loads on home page then moves to a different page.   
  • #63190 – Corrected issue where clicking on site settings returned a server error.
  • #63242 – Corrected issue with new provisioned accounts not displaying location data if primary location was empty.
  • #63380 – Corrected issue in Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) with File not found 404 error.
  • #62306 – Corrected issue where user is unable to delete “other” file from an order.   
  • #61842 – Corrected issue where available payment options were not being updated after applying the promotion. 
  • #61893 – Corrected issue with nHibernate API where product failed to update if VendorId FormId or InventoryId is used.
  • #62836 – Corrected issue with nHibernate where new category required a long description.
  • #62837 – Corrected issue with Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) on nHibernate where SignalR was not triggering events.
  • #63498 – Corrected file system issue where adding products to cart resulted in an error message.
  • #63389 – Corrected issue where Authorize.Net Hosted payment method not supporting site names that contain an ampersand character.
  • #60259 – Implemented option in Admin > [select site] > Settings > General > Approval to enable 2-Layer Confirmation for order approvals.   
  • #62375 – Updated the error descriptions for the Pressero API.   
  • #62409 – Updated the list of payment methods to include only new the new methods (removed non-PCI payment methods from the list).  
Bug fixes
  • #61841 – Corrected issue where changes made to an item price were not being applied when Reset Content button was clicked.   
  • #62023 – Corrected issue where report does not show the correct data format for text area form type. 
  • #62304 – Corrected issue where special characters in the form text area field are being displayed as html code for their equivalents. 
  • #62181 – Corrected issue when entering multiple tax rates for a Zip Code in the [select site > Settings > Tax tab.   
  • #62249 – Corrected issue with Order Item reports containing extra spaces in Ship to Country column. 
  • #62537 – Corrected issue with fax number not exporting with site location data.
  • #62577 – Corrected issue with pricing engine error blocking site user login.   
  • #63136 – Corrected issue with approver not able to edit and approve order.
Bug fixes
  • #63204 – Corrected issue where a browser update caused product and category images to not show for some skins after being loaded.  
  • #63150 – Corrected issue where a browser update caused product and category images to take a long time to load (or to not load at all).
Bug fixes
  • #62844 – Corrected issue where decimals entered in the quantity field for product with UOM pricing caused users placing orders to receive an error.
  • #61327 – Added capability for Pressero users to implement reCAPTCHA V2 at the admin level via Admin > Preferences > General Settings. This step is performed before enabling reCAPTCHA at the site level.
  • #61328 – Added capability for Pressero users to enable reCAPTCHA V2 at the site level via settings at the [Sites] > Settings > General tab. This step is performed after implementing reCAPTCHA at the admin level.
Bug fixes
  • #61865 – Corrected issue MailChimp integration; FName and LName is mapped to MailChimp integration. 
  • #61977 – Correct issue with PS Vision integration via ES giving the incorrect error message for unapproved orders. Error message is added for unapproved in PS Vision. 
  • #61978 – Corrected issue with Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) – invalid URI when downloading an available file for an order. 
  • #62248 – Corrected issue where search order via API gave a bad response for a specific date range. Change now prevents placing an order that has bill to address as blank or null.
  • #62370 – Corrected issue with SAML fields mapping error. 
  • #62389 – Corrected issue when an order with multiple items were not appearing in a specific PJM dashboard.
  • #62541 – Corrected issue where an International address was not recognized by carrier and prevented checkout. 
  • #62627 – Corrected issue where a thumbnail preview was not generated when adding assets on site.  
  • #62629 – Corrected issue with Authorize.Net Hosted payment method not functioning correctly on all sites.
  • #62645 – Corrected issue with Payment Hosted Error: Culture and Decimal.  
  • #62178 – Corrected issue with Parcelcast error "Maximum Message Size". 
  • #62630 – Corrected issue with new order notifications not generating with quantity of 0 that included taxes.  
  • #43678 – Implemented capability to allow Pressero integration with Printer's Plan via Embedded Services. 
  • #61518 – Implemented capability to allow Pressero integration with HP One Flow via Embedded Services.
  • #45746 – Implemented capability to allow Pressero to support SAML logout. Checking the “Log off from the Identity Provider” checkbox enables the application to log off the user from the Identity Provider and Site Store at the same time.
  • #48406 – Implemented Custom Profile fields on new order Email Notifications.
  • #55057 – Implemented the capability to send a product’s Item Unit Cost (subtotal/quantity of the item) from Pressero to Zapier.
  • #58767 – Implemented feature enabling the upload of a file (or deletion of a file) for an item order via API. One file is allowed per upload or deletion; maximum file size is 200 MB.
Bug fixes:   
  • #60757 – Corrected issue in which duplicating a retail site to a B2B site turned off navigation icons.  
  • #61716 – Corrected issue when using SSO initiated from Azure. 
  • #61085 – Corrected issue with SAML login configuration.  
  • #61783 – Corrected issue with Export Asset List Excel file.
  • #61824 – Corrected issue where Custom Skin Teaser price tag was not working.
  • #61844 – Corrected issue where product fails to update if FormId or InventoryId is used via API.
  • #61108 - Added option to allow users to access JDF/JMF control files. New version of Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) supports this.
  • #57518 – Implemented user interface enhancements to Email Notifications and History Grid for desktop and mobile.
  • #57667 – Implemented changes to prevent XSS (cross-site scripting) attack in client.  
Bug fixes:
  • #60840 – Corrected how the projected ship date appears on new order emails (account specific).
  • #61121 – Corrected issue with the Payment page checkout button so that it loads the correct button style.
  • #61204 – Corrected issue when copying site from Pressero Control Panel (one subscriber to another subscriber).
  • #61296 – Corrected issue where a payment button with a long name prevented site from saving settings.
  • #61302 – Modifying the order status via order grid is restricted for Pressero admins without permission.
  • #61320 – Users can now create products with Vendorld and FormID using API.
  • #61395 – Corrected issue where SSO login was not working from Azure system back to Pressero.
Bug Fixes:
  • #61174 – Postback URL for ePay Dankort payment method is now working.
  • #60671 – EFI Pace integration now supports multiple shipping addresses.
  • #60990 – Enable Status Report check box added to tFlow settings for implementation of a “Send report” alert notification.
  • #60940 – In support of AU-Post shipping options, JSON requests are being passed to External Shipping.
Bug fixes:
  • #60760 – Corrected issue where a site user with permission to impersonate other site users could not impersonate a user with an apostrophe in their email address.  
  • #60780 – Corrected issue with site user profile not being updated with modified department name in the department name field.
  • #60818 – Corrected issue with shipping rates when USPS First Mail shipping method is selected.
  • #60444 – Corrected issue with the display of customer’s country in email notifications.
  • #56269 – Corrected issue on Product Detail page with edited products that use sequence-enabled templates.
  • #60960 – Corrected issue with product title link in the Featured Products carousel.
  • #60817 – Corrected issue with Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) error with JMF. 
Bug fixes:
  • #60825 – Corrected issue with missing Payment Methods buttons on Checkout page.
  • #55959 – Added eDocBuilder Session ID to the Order Import Excel file. eDocBuilder orders with a valid session ID can be imported via API.
  • #60221 – Implemented new admin setup for Payment methods for PCI Compliance.
  • #60222 – Implemented options to change the appearance of buttons on the Checkout Page for PCI Compliance, for all payment methods except Paypal, PagSeguro and Midtrans (which use images, so renaming or modifying is not an option).   
  • #60450 – Implemented the capability to allow for the storage of an Aleyant Customer ID; column added to Pressero Control Panel.  
  • #38583 – Added List View to responsive skins.  
  • #60407 – Two services added to OCA shipping method: “Puerta a Puerta: 311149” and “Puerta a Sucursal: 311154.”
  • #60751 – Added “Clear Filters” button to allow admin site users to clear values/data for filters.
Bug fixes:
  • #60448 – Corrected issue where USPS 1st Class improperly returned rates for International shipments.  
  • #60273 – Corrected issue where uploaded PDF and Excel files resulted in an error and locked the site user account.
  • #60371 – Corrected issue where an API order import did not import the item number.
  • #59837 – Corrected issue in which the shopping cart thumbnail of a duplicated and customized eDocBuilder item did not update with eDocBuilder preview.
  • 19356 – Updated Tool Tips to clarify that a markup can only be applied to one Quantity Parameter (Q1-Q5).
  • 19277 – Integration completed between Tilia Labs Phoenix Software and Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI).
  • 19236 – Added two new API calls to v6 API: BossID and DefaultPONumber.
  • 1448 – Increased character limit for product name.
  • 18133 – Updated Order Reports (Job Detail, Pick List, Order Summary, Order Item).
  • 18387 – Allow Banner Widget to not require an active hyperlink.
  • 19247 – Added opacity bar to palette color pickers.
  • 12368 – Added order incomplete step to credit card processing when incorrect information is entered.
  • Responsive Skin #6 and #7 Released