Font Effects give you the ability to add curves to text in a field on your template. The effects can be used on both Form and Interactive Designer templates and also give you the ability to add a drop shadow and outline to the curved text. There are six effects to choose from including: Bridge, Bulge, Pinch, Roof, Round and Valley. You can give your customer the ability to select a font effect or you can require that a certain effect type is applied to the text.

The drop shadow allows you to change Size, Opacity and Horizontal and Vertical Offset.

Setting up Font Effects for Form Based Templates

Font Effects can only be used on Text Fields and will always use the User Control Type of Text Box (Data Capture Tab).

Please Note: It is not possible to have Font Effects applied to a field that is also used in Field Scripting.

Each field is set to do one line of text using the font effect, different lines will require different fields. To turn on Font Effects go to the field you want it for and click into the Format tab. On the Format tab there is a selection for Font Effect, selecting none will turn it off and then each style is demonstrated in the drop down. Choose which one you would like for the field. Once you have selected the Font Effect you can set the Intensity of the effect on the text in the Intensity drop down.

You'll also have a new Shadow section added to the Format tab. Click the Enabled box to turn on the shadow. Then set the following settings:

  • DPI - Choose between 300, 150, 96, 72 the higher the DPI the longer the field may take to render. The shadow is an image and so is added at the selected DPI
  • CMYK/RGB Color - Enter either a CMYK or RGB value for the color of the shadow.
  • Size - Determines the size percentage of the shadow. The higher the percentage the softer the edge of the shadow.
  • Horizontal Offset - Negative offset moves the shadow to the left and Positive offset moves the shadow to the right.
  • Vertical Offset - Negative offset moves the shadow up, Positive offset moves the shadow down.
  • Opacity - Sets the opacity of the shadow.

You can also set an outline to the font effect. This is also set in the format tab. Select the enabled box to turn on the outline.

  1. Set the Thickness
  2. Set the color of the outline. Choices are CMYK/RGB or Spot. If you set the color to be a Spot color, you need to also set a CMYK or RGB equivalent so that the color can be represented in the template to the customer. It will only be used for viewing on the screen.

Setting up Font Effects for Interactive Designer Templates

Setting up the format tab for the Font Effects is the same as for forms based templates. Font Effects gives two additional Rules on the Rules tab that may be set for the end user.

  • Can enable and disable font effect. - This allows the user to turn off the Font Effects for a particular field.
  • Can change font effect. - This allows the user to change all possible font effects settings for a field including the effect used, if a drop shadow is used, all of the shadow settings, and font outline settings. Note: If Can enable and disable font effect is not selecting but Can change font effect is the user will not be able to select None as an effect.