How do I white list Pressero's email server to prevent messages being marked as SPAM?

If you need your emails to have a From: address in your own email domain, you may have a problem where such mail is marked as spam after it arrives, or even dropped and not delivered. The cause of this is the common SPF record, described in this article:
Depending on your exact SPF record and mail provider, this can affect you even if you specify your own outgoing mail server in your Subscriber or Site settings.This is because it is the destination mail server that is deciding the mail is unacceptable even after it arrives.
You have two choices to get around this problem. The first choice is to change your SPF record, essentially announcing that Pressero servers are allowed to send mail from your email domain. To do this, you should add this value below to your current SPF record.
If you cannot use a CNAME record with your current provider then you can set the record using the IP address
The second choice is to not use a From: address in your email domain. If you use, then your mail server will not see the mail as spam, because it is not claiming to be from your email domain.
Please understand that the changes detailed in this article are recommendations, and may not be complete depending on what email server software you are running, and any considerations for the setup for the services on your mail servers. If setting the above records is not resolving the issue for you, please open a chat or ticket to our support department and we will try to assist you further, but questions about email setup may need to be submitted to our infrastructure department before any relevant answers can be provided.
An additional option is that we can possibly setup DMARC for your domain on our outgoing mail server. If your IT person recommends doing so, please open a ticket to support requesting we set that up. We will try to be as responsive as we can to these sorts of requests, but this sort of setup can take 1-2 days to accomplish before we can provide you with the DNS records to setup DMARC on your domain.