Where can I find my SubscriberID?

The subscriberID refers to your unique Pressero account. It is used to reference many components of your Pressero site, and can be found in different places in the interface. Looking at your subscriber logo in preferences is an easy way to check.

  1. In Pressero Admin go Preferences > General Settings > Logo, hover over your subscriber logo and open that into a new tab using the context menu.

  2. The SubscriberID is the value in the address for the logo image between /subscribers/ and the next / slash. So for this example the path of the image is https://admin.chi.v6.pressero.com/files/subscribers/be687231-nbe3-4baa-9c91-e55ea1e60499/logo_be686231-fbe3-4bea-9f91-e58ea1e60499_medium.png?stamp=636392696319282553 ... with be687231-nbe3-4baa-9c91-e55ea1e60499 being the SubscriberID value.