Please note that the Surface Wrap feature is an addon feature to any account, please contact your sales representative if you would like information on getting Surface Wrap enabled on your account.

Surface Wrap

The Surface Wrap feature for eDocBuilder allows you to show the user how their customized order will look as a finished product. The image is provided to the user after they have finished customizing the order and is available for interactive designer templates.

There are two main setup steps for creating a Surface Wrap preview on a template. First a Photoshop file is created using Smart Objects and then Photoshop file is uploaded to the template in eDocBuilder.


First choose an image you would like to display for your product. Open that image in Photoshop.

  • Go to File > Place Embedded
  • Select your master pdf file and click Place. For multi-page files you will need to place each page 1 at a time.
  • Double click the embedded image. 
  • With the embedded image layer selected go to Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object
  • Go to Edit > Transform > Select which transform options you need to match the Smart Object to the shape it should be on the image. 

  • Rename the Smart Object layer to the page number (digit only) So page one would have the Smart Object layer named "1" without quotes. 

You can even do things like add a layer above the image for more realistic effects such as glare, or putting it behind a frame. You can place the same Smart Object multiple times in the image, for example showing a fanned out stack of business cards all of the same card. 

Once you are done setting up the Photoshop file save it as a .psd file. 


Surface Wrap can be added to any existing template or created with a new template. To do this:

  • Edit the template needed.
  • On the Assets tab below the last Image Picker Group there is a section for Surface Wrap, click the arrow to expand it.
  • In this section there is a file upload, upload the .psd file created above.
  • After uploading it you will see a thumbnail of the file.
  • Click into Field Setup and click Commit Changes

The Surface Wrap is now setup for the template. 

To test on forms based templates

  • Click Test Template
  • Fill in all required fields
  • Click Update Preview
  • Click Finished Editing

The preview will load for you to see the template you just customized with the Surface Wrap applied. Click Finished Editing to complete the order or Cancel to go back to customizing the template. 

To test on interactive designer templates

  • Click Test Template
  • Fill in all required fields
  • Click Finished Editing
  • The Surface Wrap preview will load and below it will be each of the pages of the template like normal. 
  • Click View Proof to move on to proofing the order