Why don't my PDF order reports open in Firefox?

Q: In the Orders area, there are several icons that can be clicked to open PDF reports (Summary, Item Detail, Job Detail, Pick List). When I click the icons in Firefox, they act like they are opening a new tab but actually don't, and I can't see my order reports. How can I resolve this?
A: This is most likely a browser-based setting that you will need to change in your Firefox options. If you are seeing them begin to open a tab that doesn't fully open, it is most likely downloading the report as a saved PDF instead of opening it in the browser. To change this:
1) In Firefox, click the gear icon to get to your browser settings; then go to the Applications section. (Or just put "about:preferences#applications" without the quotes into the address bar and click Enter on your keyboard.)
2) In the search area on the Applications page, enter PDF.
3) If it currently says "Save File" in the Action column for PDFs; you'll want to change that to one that lets you open and view the reports instead of auto-downloading them when they are clicked. We recommend "Preview in Firefox" or "Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)".