External Storage Setting Amazon S3

In-order to use the External Storage upload files into PrintJobManager for Estimates and Jobs you must create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. Using the External Storage Settings feature will allow you 5GB of storage space for free. Additional space is available for a minimal fee.
Create your free Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account:

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Free Tier is designed to enable you to get hands-on experience with AWS Cloud Services. The AWS Free Tier includes services with a free tier available for 12 months following your AWS sign-up date, as well as additional service offers that do not automatically expire at the end of your 12 month AWS Free Tier term.You can start today and automatically take advantage of the AWS Free Tier by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the following link to sign up for aws.amazon.com/getting-started/
  2. Enter your billing address and credit card information. You will not be charged unless your usage exceeds the free tier limits.
  3. Copy and save your unique Access Key and Secret Key, as you will need these to integrate PrintJobManager and AWS.
Configure your AWS Account:

Before you can upload data into Amazon S3, you must create a bucket to store the data in. Buckets have configuration properties, including their geographical region, who has access to the objects in the bucket, and other metadata, such as the storage class of the objects in the bucket.

The console enables you to use folders, which you can store objects in. Folders, like objects, must reside in a bucket. 

  1. Create a Bucket use the following link -  docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/UG/CreatingaBucket.html  you are not charged for creating a bucket; you are only charged for storing objects in the bucket and for transferring objects out of the bucket.
  2. Create a Folder use the following link - docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/UG/FolderOperations.html
  3. Copy and save your Bucket and Folder names, as you will need these to integrate PrintJobManager and AWS.


External Storage Settings: (Settings > External Storage Settings)
  1. Settings: Navigation step
  2. External Storage Settings: Navigation step
  3. Access Key*: Enter your unique Access Key for your AWS account
  4. Secret Key*: Enter your unique Secret Key for your AWS account
  5. S3 Region: Select you region from the drop-down menu.
  6. Bucket*: Enter the name of the Bucket you created in your AWS account
  7. Folder*: Enter the name of the Folder that resides in the Bucket you created in #6 (Above)
  8. Save: Save your settings, if the save is successful, or unsuccessful you will receive a pop-up notification.
If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support