Attribute assignments are custom pieces of information that will be associated with the job that uses this product engine. You can define attributes that will be available in the Settings menu. The system does not directly use the attributes but will include them in some reports and provide them to integrated solutions. To add an attribute assignment, click ‘Add’. To edit, click the edit button next to the attribute. To delete an attribute, click the delete button.

When editing or adding an attribute, a drop-down will show in this column. Use the drop-down to select the attribute to which you would like to assign a value.

The value calculation generates the information that will be assigned to the attribute for the job that uses this product engine. This calculation can use formulas and variables. For just a number, enter the number. For text, put the text in quotes.

Other uses for Attributes:

  • A third-party order approval triggered by a Product Attribute would be in addition to any order acceptance you may require the customer to give when they place an order. 
  • Attributes can be used to tag product engine details that may be needed for the integration with another solution.

1) Attributes: (Main Menu> Settings (1) >Attributes (2)> +Add New (3))


Fig. 1


2) Add / Edit / Delete Attributes

Fig. 2


To Edit: Select the edit icon.  

To Delete: Select the delete icon.


If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket.