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Custom Fields are user-defined prompts/questions/ that are created to add custom data or information to further define Organizations, People, Orders and Jobs. There is a limit to the number of Custom Fields that you can create, you may have up to 6 custom fields for each area - Organization, Person, Order and Job. 
1) Custom Fields: (Main Menu> Settings (1) > Custom Fields (2)> +Add New (3))
2) Create Custom Field:
  1. Prompt: Enter a descriptive name for the data you would like to receive. 
  2. Entity: Assign this custom field to appear in, Organization, People, Orders or Jobs.
  3. Sequence: You can have up to (6) prompts each for each entity, the sequence will determine the order in which the custom fields will appear. 
  4. Tooltip: Here you can create a Tooltip that your users can select for instructional data for this field.
  5. Character Limit: Use this field to set a character limit.
  6. Prompt Types: See below
    1. Text Field: Allow the user to enter in alphanumeric data.
    2. Drop Down: User defined alphanumeric data that will be selected from a drop down window.
    3. Radio Buttons: User defined alphanumeric data that will be selected using the appropriate Radio Button.
  7. Required: By selecting the required check box you will set the custom field to be a required field, and must be filled in by the user, in order to save.
  8. Defaults or Options: As shown above you have the ability to create a drop down list (8B), or a list of radio buttons (8C), leave blank when using the text option (8A).
Custom Fields location in Organizations
If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support