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Custom Fields are user-defined prompts/questions/ that will appear when creating an organization as well as people associated with an organization. Custom Fields can be used to add custom data or information to further define organizations and people. There is a limit to the number of Custom Fields that you can create.   Each Selection, Organization, Person, Job, Order are limited to 6 each. 
1) Custom Fields: (Main Menu> Settings (1) > Custom Fields (2)> +Add New (3))
2) Create Custom Field:
  1. Prompt: Enter a descriptive name for the data you would like to receive. 
  2. Entity: Assign this custom field to appear in, Organization or People.
  3. Sequence: You can have up to (5) prompts each for organizations and people, the sequence will determine the order in which the custom fields will appear. 
  4. Defaults or Options:As shown above you have the ability to create a dropdown list (8B), or a list of radio buttons (8C), leave blank when using the text option (8A).
  5. Tooltip: Here you can create a Tooltip that your users can select for instructional data for this field.
  6. Required: By selecting the required check box you will set the custom field to be a required field, and must be filled in by the user, in order to save.
  7. Prompt Types: See below
    1. Drop Down: User defined alphanumeric data that will be selected from a drop down window when creating an Organization or People.
    2. Radio Buttons: User defined alphanumeric data that will be selected using the appropriate Radio Button when creating an Organization or People.
    3. Text Field: Allow the user to enter in alphanumeric data when creating an Organization or People.
  8. Save / Cancel:
Custom Fields location in Organizations
If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support