Link a Product Engine to a Pressero Product

In this document we will cover the steps to connect Product Engines created in PrintJobManager to Products in Pressero. The integration to Pressero will allow orders that are placed from Pressero to seamlessly flow into your PrintJobManager application. This integration will allow you to Track, Edit, Post Equipment and Labor Times for jobs originating from Pressero.

**Note: You should have completed the PrintJobManager - Pressero integration. If you have not completed the integration please see the Pressero Integration Article to complete this step before you continue.


Step 1: Select the Product Engine you will link to a Pressero Product


Step 2: Copy the Integration Id

In PrintJobManager there is a unique ID given for the product engine based on the price group that is used. So you can assign the pricing engine with a specific price group when linking to Pressero.

Based on which price group the subscriber chooses they will receive a unique Integration Id. This allows for the marked up sales price to be generated in Pressero.


Step 3: Login to your Pressero Admin account

  1. Site
  2. Products
  3. Select the Edit icon on the left of the product that you will link to the Product Engine.


Step 3: Select your PrintJobManager application


Step 4: Paste the Integration Id that you copied from the Product Engine in PrintJobManager


If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support