Can I rename the optional “Name your Job” field, on the product detail page in the storefront, and can I make it a mandatory field?

It is not possible to rename the “Name your Job” field or make it mandatory. As an alternative you can use the option of Acceptance Text (Path: Admin > Site > Product > Product Detail Page > I accept Requirement and Acceptance Text), here you can add a text like “Name your Job (Mandatory)” and can make this field a mandatory field. To reduce the confusion that user may experience, you can remove the original “Name your Job” field from product detail page through Admin > Site > Product > Checkout Options for this product > Uncheck the box “Allow Edit of Product Name on Ordering”.


You can also add a Form on the product detail page that will have a single field Text Box and you can name the box as “Name your Job” and make it a mandatory field. As mentioned above you can remove the “Name your job field” from Pressero admin, so that it does not confuse the users. To create a form, go to: Path: Admin > Preferences > Forms. To place it on a product page, go to: Admin > Sites > Select Site > Products > Select Product > Forms.


The first alternative will show up on order reports like Job detail, item detail, etc. and the second option will show up on the order reports and you will also see this information on Report writer too.