Integration Service - Pressero v.6 

This document covers the steps to connect PrintJobManager to Pressero. The integration between PrintJobManager and Pressero allows you to connect PrintJobManager Product Engines to products in Pressero online storefront, allowing orders that are placed from Pressero to seamlessly flow into your PrintJobManager application. The integrated orders will have the production and material specifications from the PrintJobManager Product Engine allowing you track post production time and materials used.  

Note: You should have Pressero v.6; if you have an earlier version of Pressero you will not be able to use the integration service. (Click here to request Pressero v.6, or an upgrade to v.6)

Step 1



To set up your Pressero integration, (Main Menu > Settings (A) > Integration Services (B) > Pressero (C)).

  1. Integration Settings: select the Add icon

  2. APJM Login: enter your PrintJobManager Username 

  3. Description: enter your PrintJobManager Password 

  4. Integration ID: enter your Pressero Admin Username 

  5. Notes: enter your Pressero Admin Password 

  6. Select Pressero Server: the server is already set to your region; please do not change

  7. Save: select Save and see Step Two below


Step 2


After you have selected save:

  1. Integration Key: if your Usernames and Passwords are correct you will see the Integration Key generated for your PrintJobManager application.

  2. Settings Saved: if your Usernames and Passwords are correct you will see a green popup notification that you have successfully linked PrintJobManager to Pressero.

  3. Settings Error: if you receive a settings error, re-enter your Usernames and Passwords until you see "Settings saved for integration provider."

Note: If you continue to get an error message, contact and create a support ticket.


Step 3

  1. Select Preferences
  2. Select Pricing Engines
  3. Select External Services from the drop-down menu

Step 4


  1. Enter a unique name for the Pricing Engine so that you identify that it is your PrintJobManager when using it for Pressero product pricing.
  2. Enter this URL in the Service URL field Note: Do not change once this is set; if changed, all PrintJobManager - Pressero links will be removed.
  3. Service Type: It would be either SOAP OR JSON depending upon the plugin you are creating hence the service url for SOAP would be whereas for JSON it would be
  4. Enter your PrintJobManager login User Name.
  5. Enter your PrintJobManager login Password.

Now you can start connecting PrintJobManager Product Engines to Products in your online storefront.


Step 1. In PrintJobManager

  1. Settings
  2. Product Engines
  3. Select the Product Engine that you would like to link to a Product in Pressero and select Edit.


Step 2. Copy the Product Engines Integration id

  1. Find the Product Engine that you would like to integrate with a product in Pressero.
  2. Copy the Product Engine Integration Id; you will need to paste this Id in the product pricing tab in Pressero.

Step 3. Login to your Pressero Admin Account

  1. In Pressero, select Sites.
  2. Open the website that you would like to integrate a Product Engine with a product in the site.
  3. Select Products
  4. Find the Product that you would like to integrate with the PrintJobManager Product Engine, and select the edit icon.
  5. Go to Step 3 (Below)

Step 4. Login to your Pressero Admin Account

  1. Select Sites.
  2. Select Product - Edit.
  3. Select the Pricing Tab
  4. Using the drop-down menu, select your PrintJobManager Pricing integration (Plug-in).
  5. Paste the Integration id copied from the Product Engine in PrintJobManager.
  6. Select Create Pair.
  7. You will see the integration appear in the Pricing Engine Pairings (By Priority).
  8. You must select Save to complete the integration.
  9. Select Cancel to exit without saving your changes
  10. Select Delete to remove the Product Pairing.

Now that you have completed the PrintJobManager-Pressero integration, you can test the integration. Note: Before testing the integration make sure that you have at least one Organization with the URL assigned to them in the Integration Id field, see below.

You can now test by placing an order on the site and have it populate as a job in PrintJobManager.
If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support