Zapier Integration to ShipStation, QuickBooks Online, and other apps.

In this document we cover setting up the integration between Zapier and PrintJobManager. Zapier currently provides connections to 1500+ applications including PrintJobManager, ShipStation, and QuickBooks Online. Details on the data that can be transferred from PrintJobManager to ShipStation, QuickBooks Online, and other applications:


The setup is very straightforward; please follow the steps listed below. 

Note: We may have already integrated your Zapier subscription with PrintJobManager, depending on which subscription plan you signed up for. If you would like us to setup your connection please contact

Step 1. 

Use the following url, to create your Zapier account.


​Step 2. 


  • Accept the invitation.


​Step 3. 

  • To add to, edit, change user information, do it here.

  • Please use the tutorials provided by Zapier.


​Step 4. 

When creating a "Zap" please us only the PrintJobManager Icon as shown above.

Note: If you are having any issues, please try and reset the Zapier key in PrintJobManager (see below).



Please follow the instructions from Zapier when setting up a "Zap." Our support staff can help you set up a couple of "Zaps" during training if necessary.


Training Videos


If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket with Aleyant Support.