Superscript Symbols in a Form-Based Template Data Merge File

Our customer wants to upload a data file containing superscripted special characters such as ™ or ® . The special characters are part of the raw data and need to be merged into the eDocBuilder template.

Can the eDocBuilder template recognize these superscripted characters and maintain the superscript?
Yes, under certain conditions:
  1. The template must be form-based (not Interactive designer.
  2. The template Field Type must be set to Text and Variable Data File.
  3. The data file must be in .xls format (not .csv)
  4. The characters must be superscripted in the file.  For example, TM won't work; it must be ™ instead.
  5. The font in the data file and in the eDocBuilder template must support the special symbols in their character set.
Note that text reformatting rules or HTML scripting or vb scripting you are using with the field may affect the results.
Alternatives to super scripting via the data file upload could be Field Scripting using HTML Markup or VB Scripting when designing the template. Or, you could also give the user a Response Set drop-down menu to choose from to have the symbol added to a preset field.
Note: When using the VDP (Variable Data File), another option for use is the <sup></sup> tags.
For example:
The New Year is celebrated on January 1<sup>st.</sup>
And the result will be: The New Year is celebrated on January 1st.