Ch. 001b. Download & Installation

The Automated Workflow Integrator, or AWI, is a desktop application for Windows and Macintosh that will download order files and information automatically from your Pressero account. AWI must be installed, open and running on a machine in order to listen for orders and download order files from your Pressero account. AWI cannot be run as a service, it must be active and running as a program in order to function as intended.

The installer download links below for Windows and Macintosh are the current versions of AWI. AWI is a companion application to Pressero and often needs to be updated as new versions of Pressero are available. We are working to have alternate methods of informing users about new AWI releases, but at this time this page will always be updated with the latest version of AWI. It is important to keep your AWI updated to the most current version available.

AWI Installer Downloads (updated 10/06/2023)

Please note that the Macintosh installer download above, does not contain a signed application due to technical issues. It needs to be allowed to run through the control panel security settings on your Macintosh. If you need any help installing this version, please open a ticket to us at
IMPORTANT: The current AWI installer for Macintosh supports MacOS versions up to 12.1. If you are trying to run AWI on operating system versions higher than 12.1 it may not work as expected. We are aware of these issues and working on an updated version of the AWI for operating systems greater than MacOS 12.1, and we will release as soon as it is available. THe best workaround we can recommend at this time is to run AWI on MacOS 12.1 or lower, or install AWI on a Windows machine until these issues are resolved.
Once you have downloaded the appropriate installer for your operating system you will need to define at least one Download Rule before any files can be downloaded for your orders. More detail on basic steps after installation are available in Ch. 001c. Getting Started with AWI.


  • Only compatible with Mono Version 5.10.x on macOS
  • Windows version requires .Net 4.5.2 or later
  • Processor 1 GHz 
  • RAM 512 MB
  • Minimum disk space (32-bit) 4.5 GB
  • Minimum disk space (64-bit) 4.5 GB
  • AWI requires 50 MB of space for installation (app files, database, and temp files)
  • Macintosh AWI requires the Mono Library be installed on the machine running AWI.
  • AWI is only compatible with MacOS 12.1 or lower at this time (please see important note above).

Known Issues

Canon Fiery printer control file has a limitation with the file name; it will consider the file extension as the content after the first . in the file name, so if the file is named sample.sample_re.pdf it will consider .sample_re.pdf as the file extension, causing problems during the print process. Please open a ticket at if you are having difficulty with this functionality.

Important Items to note

  • The downloads are zip files. If the file extension is lost when downloading the installer file, then you can simply add .zip onto the end of the downloaded filename and it should then let you double-click to extract the installer.
  • If the AWI installer you are using is the latest version, and it reports that there is a newer version of the program installed, you will have to use the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel functionality to remove AWI from that machine. Then install AWI using the current installer.
  • The database file containing your settings and order information is separate from the installer, and is not modified when the installer is run. If you do wish to backup your AWI settings and rules, you can make a copy of the database file located in a path similar to this on your computer. C:\Users\userAccount\Documents\AutomatedWorkflowIntegrator\database.db

Mono Framework

The Mono Framework is an open-source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework. AWI requires that the Mono Framework be installed on the Macintosh machine that will run AWI. Windows machines do not require the Mono Framework. Please see the project downloads page for the current installer for your machine. If you are given a choice on installers, you can use the Stable version installer. Only compatible with Mono Version 5.10.x on macOS.

More Information

For more information regarding AWI settings and usage, please see the specific chapters below.