No "New Order" Email for an Order Using Credit Card Payment.

Email notices for sites using Credit Card payments are not sent out until the Pressero system receives a notice from the credit card processor (PayPal,, or EBS) that the payment was made.

Receiving this notice from PayPal is dependent on four things:

  1. The email address for your PayPal account being in the Pressero system. See Preferences > Settings > Payment. It must be exactly the same as what you use in PayPal, including upper and lower case.

  2. The Pressero system's IPN being in PayPal's system. See Preferences > Settings > Payment to see the IPN that PayPal needs.

  3. The Admin Group that should be receiving the "New Order" email must be in the recipient list for that message. See Sites > Settings > Email Notifications > New Order.

  4. People in the Group set to receive the email must have their User account setting for "Receive Notifications" check marked.

If any part of these these pieces are incorrect or missing, PayPal will not be able to inform your Orders area that payment was made. Without that the Orders area can't initiate a New Order email. The New Order message must be set to send to the correct people.

If you think all is set correctly, please open a new ticket to us with a screen shot of your PayPal account's IPN setting page as well as an order # for an order that PayPal says was paid for, but no email was sent.