Ch. 002. Connect to Your Storefront Orders Automatically

Login to Automatic Workflow Integrator
Double click the Automatic Workflow Integrator icon on your computer. You will see this dialogue box open:
1)  Username and Password - Enter the Username/Email and password login credential for the Pressero Admin User account you created for Automatic Workflow Integrator.
2)  Admin URL - The default admin url is  If your account is located in our Singapore or Amsterdam datacenters you will need to change this url.
3)  Domain - if your username and password exist in more than one Pressero account, you will be able to select the domain to which you would like to connect.
4)  Remember me - Check the optional "Remember Me" box on the login to have the application remember your login and password. If this option is selected, Automatic Workflow Integrator will automatically login and start processing. You will also be prompted when closing down the program.
5)  Click the "Connect" button to launch the application.

Warning: Login Is Locked To One Admin User Account
The application is licensed for one Pressero Admin User account only. It will be locked to this account and cannot be changed. We recommend you create an Admin User Account in Pressero and set it aside for the exclusive use of the Automatic Workflow Integrator. Perhaps something like "Automated Workflow", or "", or "" with a username of "PresseroWorkflow".
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