Why are email notifications not being sent (to anyone, a particular user, a particular Site Group, etc.)?

  1. Make sure email configuration is correctly setup. The email configuration is setup under Preferences < General Settings < Email section. Leave SMTP Server, Port Account Name, and Account Password blank for now. 

    Please refer to this chapter for more information on email settings : Ch. 006. Email Settings

  2. Make sure the User account in question has the "Receive Notifications" option enabled, found under User Management < Site Users < edit Site User < General Information tab < Email Notifications section.

  3. Check that the Site Group name to which you are sending email to is listed correctly in Email Notifications. The Site Group may have been renamed and as a result, the email notification is trying to send to a Site Group that no longer exists. In Email Notifications > Select Message > Customize this message, the Users list contains the current list of available Site Groups. Compare the Site Group name in the "Who receives this notification" list with the Site Group name in User Management < Site Groups. If they are not exactly the same, replace the Site Group in the "Who receives this notification" list with the appropriate Site Group from the Users list.