Initial System Configuration

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In this section we will begin to configure PrintJobManager, we will work in (4) four subcategories within the Settings Category, General Settings, Facilities, User Groups, Admin Users. When setting up you PrintJobManager for the first time, please follow the implementation order listed below, as some of the items require data that will be entered in the previous steps.
Initial System Configuration Overview
General Settings - Setup: (Settings > General Settings)
  • Review/Edit your Company information
  • Configure your email settings
  • Add your company logo
Facilities - Setup: (Settings > Facilities)
  • Add your Facilities/Locations (Main Office, Production facility, Warehouse, etc.)
User Groups - Setup: (Settings > User Groups)
  • Set-up User Permission Groups, We have preloaded some basic User Groups that you can Edit, Delete, you can also create new User Groups. 
Admin Users - Setup: (Settings > Admin Users)
  • Create/Edit Users that will have access to your system
Please use the Information  icon for updated data.
Step 1) Login:. To PrintJobManager using the URL, CHI server) AMS server)
1. Enter The Username & Password that was provided in your Activation email, then click on Login.
General Settings - Setup  (Settings > General Settings)
General Settings - General (1. Settings > 2. General Settings > General Console). We have setup your General information when your account was activated, please make sure that it is correct. 
Please use the Information  icon for updated data.
General Settings - Company-Time Zone-Culture (Settings > General Settings > General Console)
A. Company Name (Required): Please check to make sure that your Company information is correct, if the information is      incorrect you may change it here by simply highlighting the text within that field and enter the correct information.
B. Time Zone: Time Zone is not a required field but it is important that you select the correct time zone for your location for  reports and emails. Please use the drop down arrow on the right side of the Time Zone field to select the correct Time Zone.
C. Culture: Although not required, will determine your Currency settings. Please use the drop down arrow on the right side of  the Culture field to select the correct currency setting.
D. Use Subscriber Culture: Please check this box so the correct currency will display as well as correct date formatting throughout PrintJobManager.
General Settings - Email (Settings > General Settings > Email Console)
1. To set up your email please enter in the required information, if you do not have the information at this time, you can come back and enter it later. Please be aware that the email notifications will not work until this is properly set up.
E. SMTP Server: Provide SMTP server IP address, or DNS.
F. Account: provide SMTP server login.
G. Sender: provide a Sender Name that will appear as the From in Emails sent.
H. Port: provide SMTP server port.
I. Password: provide the SMTP server password.
J. Sender Email: provide a Sender Email Address that will appear as the From Email Address.  
3) General Settings - Logo (Settings > General Settings > Email)
1. To upload your logo select the Upload Logo Image File button (K) you will be directed to your local file manager to locate the file (png, jpg, gif, bmp). Once you have located the file click open or save and the file will be uploaded.The status will change to Done when your file is successfully uploaded. (Please size your logo accordingly). This logo will be used on various forms throughout PrintJobManager.
Note: The "Instructions" setup at the bottom of the General Setting page is not required for the initial setup, please see PM.XXX for documentation on how to setup and use this function. 
4) Facilities (Main Menu > Settings > Facilities)
To access Facilities: From the Main Menu select (1) Settings, then select (2) Facilities.
Please use the Information  icon for updated data.
Facilities (Settings > Facilities > ). We have setup your Facility information when your account was activated, please make sure that it is correct.
When we preloaded your system we set up your company name and the general settings sub-menu.
Now you will set up the general information for your facility or set up multiple facilities.
Here are a couple of examples
1) If you have one facility that houses administrative and production facilities, in this case you only need to create one facility.
2) If you have more than one facility, production facility and a fulfillment facility and a warehouse you could create three individual facilities.
Create Facility – General  Console:
  1. Name(required): enter a unique name for the facility that you would like to set up
  2. Description: enter the description of the facility that you are creating, (main office, production plant, fulfillment plant, etc.)
  3. Integration ID: will not be needed as this field is for future development purposes
  4. Notes: enter any notes that would be related to the specific facility that you are currently setting up or editing.
Address console:
  1. Name: please enter the name of this facility which will be the same name entered in the general console.
  2. Business: give a description of what the facility that you are setting up is used for (production, mailing, fulfillment, etc.)
  3. Address1: enter the Street number and street for the facility that you are setting up
  4. Address2: generally building number, suite number, floor number, etc.
  5. Address 3: enter the suite number, office number, room number, etc. For the facility that you are setting up
  6. Country: from the drop-down list select the country where the facility that you are setting up is located**.
  7. City: enter the city name where the facility that you are setting up is located
  8. State: enter the state where the facility you are setting up is located. **
  9. Zip: enter the ZIP Code where the facility you are setting up is located.
  10. Phone: enter the phone number for the facility you are setting up.
  11. Fax: enter the fax number for the facility that you are setting up.
**Note: when selecting Country (#6) the drop-down for state (#8) will show the selected countries states, provinces, regions, counties, etc.
If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support