How can I run the variable data file for photos?

In order to run the Variable Data File for images, the images either should be uploaded in e-Doc > assets/image library or these images should be on web.
There are three ways to have an image uploaded through VDP.
  • Adding the Internet URL in VDP (only http:// and https:// links are supported).
  • Adding the image address of an image (to VDP file) that has been saved in assets/image library. To get this all you need to do is go to your assets/image library, right click on the image and select ‘copy image address’.
    • Please note: - if you would like the user to upload the original file in the template then instead of copying preview image link, copy download image link and add it to you your Variable Data file and upload the file to the template.
  • Adding the image name that is saved in Assets or Image library. This is the easiest one because all you need to do is add the name of the image like xyz.jpg or xyz.png that has been uploaded in Assets or image library.
It is not possible to have a VDP image upload for the images that has been saved on your PC/Mac because unfortunately e-Doc cannot reach back onto the customer’s machine to retrieve an image, hence it is not possible for e-Doc to pick an image from the computer and upload it.