How can I have vertical or tilted text in my production file?

Use the field's Positioning tab (in eDocBuilder) to rotate the text field, making the text run vertically instead of horizontally. Do not rotate your master PDF in Acrobat, as that can cause problems with the template. Instead, rotate the form fields in eDocBuilder after you upload your master PDF. Fefer to the images below as you follow this process:

1) In your master PDF, create form fields using your normal method. Don't worry about where to place the form field or how large to make it, as you will specify that information in eDocBuilder later.
 2) Upload your master PDF to your template in eDocBuilder.

3) In the field's Positioning tab in eDocBuilder, select "Lower Left" from the "Rotate On" drop-down menu. (Note - in interactive designer templates, you will only be able to choose to rotate on center. However, the steps for rotating the field will be the same.) Then, enter the degrees of rotation in the "Rotation" box. In the example images below, the field has been rotated 90 degrees. If you want the text to run the other direction (top to bottom), enter a rotation of 270 degrees.

4) In the field's Positioning tab, enter measurements to tell eDocBuilder where to place the rotated field. Make sure to check the box next to "Override Positioning from PDF." Select the unit of measurement you would like to use (Points, Inches, or Centimeters) from the Measurement drop-down menu. Next, enter the measurements. Make sure you enter a number in EVERY box. Do not enter "0" for any of the boxes. eDocBuilder helpfully displays the original measurement of the field on the master PDF to assist you. The bottom and left measurements are from the bottom left corner of the page to the bottom left corner of the field PRIOR to being rotated. In the example images, the field is being rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise, so what is referred to as the bottom left corner ends up being the bottom right corner of the field after rotation. Like the vertical and horizontal positioning, the field's height and width measurements apply to the field pre-rotation.
  Positioning in master pdf  
  Rotated positioning in production file   
             Setup of the master PDF's form field                 Output position on the production file