Ch. 038 Tools for Users customizing Interactive Designer templates

The Interactive Designer has a new updated look and several new features. You'll notice that the layout is the same familiar design with some nice updates. The required fields are now clearly marked with a red * by each of the fields. The new icons also give a clear indication of what type each field is, background, image, text. Several new tools have been added for more accurate placing of your text and images on the templates.

In the new settings section you can see there are now several options to help the users create their work. You can turn on a grid, guides, and rulers with a single click. You can also choose to snap any elements, such as new text or images, to these. The high resolution option also gives a higher resolution preview for users that need more detail in the template when customizing it.

The blue lines in the image below are the Guides. To use the guides you must have the rulers turned on, then simple click and drag out from either the top or left side ruler. When you do this the blue guide lines will be dragged out as well. Be sure to check Snap to Guides if you want the elements you are moving around to snap to the guides you set. Multiple guides can be used at a time, simply drag another out from the ruler. To move a guide line just click directly on it and drag it to a new spot.

Images can also now be drag and dropped right onto the field you want to fill in. At the bottom select the My Images tab and then drag and drop the image you want onto the field you want to place it in.

Add previously uploaded images

Users can restore previously uploaded images to saved sessions so they do not need to reupload if they save and come back. If the user saves a session such as with the Saved for Later option on a Pressero site the images they previously uploaded can be added back. To do this the users just need to click the "Add previously uploaded images" button that will be present when they come back to the session. The button is to the right of the Page navigation.

Once the button has been clicked the My Images tab will be populated with the previously uploaded images:

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