Pressero v6 Enhancements and Features

Responsive Admin
Pressero admin uses responsive design in version 6. With the exception of the report writer and the file manager, you can manage all aspects of Pressero directly from a desktop or mobile device.

PDF job tickets
The version 5 HTML based job tickets have been replaced with PDF reports. This allows for better pagination control, which means fewer pages to print.
Report Writer enhancements
The Report Writer has been expanded to the storefronts. Two new site group permissions have been added; can manage site reports and can view site reports. A new Reports navigation item has also been added. Available in BOTH retail (B2C) and B2B sites, users will be able to download and/or create reports directly on the storefront.
Budget reports on sitec
In version 5, users could only be given permission to view the budgets that were available for their own use when placing orders. In version 6, new site group permissions allow you to have site users who can view and/or manage any budget on the site, including budgets that would not be available to that user during the checkout process. 
Four new site group permissions have been added: Can Manage All Budgets, Can Manage Accessible Budgets, Can View All Budgets, and Can View Accessible Budgets (this permission allows users to view only budgets to which they have access).