Is it possible to map an FTP account to a certain site?

It is not possible to map an FTP account that you create in Pressero Admin > Preferences > FTP Accounts to a particular site. Once you create an FTP account the users can use this account to upload a file on any site that is listed in your Pressero admin area. We offer this FTP to allow customers to upload files to the printer. Currently the user visits a site on which the user would like to upload a file and use the FTP account credentials to upload the file. Once the file is uploaded an email is sent out to administrator with a link to download the file. You can also go to file manager to download the file. The path to download the file from file manager is: Pressero Admin > Tool > File Manager > FTP > FTP Account 

For detailed information on FTP accounts you can refer to the chapter Ch. 023. FTP Accounts