Shipping Method not working

There are several reasons this could be happening:

  1. No Ship From Location. Make sure you have a Location set up for your facility in Preferences > Locations. Without a location, the 3rd party carriers have no zip code to track the package from. 
  2. Zero Weight for UPS, FedEx, USPS. If the Shipping Method is using an integrated Carrier (UPS/FedEx/USPS), check the Pricing Engine being used with the Product. A Pricing Engine must have weights to be used with an integrated (UPS/FedEx/USPS) shipping rate. No weight = No rate = No display. Note the maximum weight the Pricing Engine may calculate based on the weight you entered and the maximum quantity someone could order.
  3. Courier Info Incomplete/Incorrect. If the Shipping Method is using an integrated Carrier (UPS/FedEx/USPS), in Preferences > Settings > Shipping > Carrier Accounts, make sure the Carrier's account info is complete and accurate.
  4. Shipping Method Min/Max Weights Incorrect. In Preferences > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Methods, check the Maximum Weight setting for the Shipping Method. Make sure the Maximum Weight is not set to zero. Make sure the Maximum Weight supports the weight the storefront's calculator is creating based on the item and quantity selected. Save, and test.
  5. The Service used by your Shipping Method may not be supported the country of origin. Example: UPS Ground is supported for US and Puerto Rico origins only, while it is not supported in Canada. When testing in Sites > Settings > Shipping, if your UPS Shipping Method returns the error "Shipment not possible: No estimate returned (service ineligible)" this could be the cause. The Shipping Method will not display in your Storefront if the country of origin is not supported. See Preferences > Shipping instructions above.
  6. The shipping method's "Packaging" type may be invalid for the selected Service (in Preferences > Shipping > Shipping Methods > [specific method]). For example, UPS Ground will not accept the Packaging selection "Box," and USPS Priority Mail International will not accept the Packaging selection "None." When in doubt, try setting the Packaging type to "Your Packaging."
  7. The Cart May be Too Heavy. The number of items in the cart may exceed the maximum weight for the available shipping method(s). In Sites > Products > Pricing, review the Group/Pricing Engine Pair(s) assigned to the product. Check the weight used in each paired pricing calculator . Perhaps a decimal place is off, etc.
  8. Shipping Method is not On. Make sure the desired Shipping Method is turned on for the Site. Sites > Settings > Shipping. The box must be checked for the desired Shipping Method to be available in the Storefront. At least one Shipping Method needs to be checked. If no Shipping Methods are displayed, go to Preferences > Shipping, create a shipping method, save it and return to Sites > Settings > Shipping and check its box, Save. Note, make sure your Shipping Method has a number greater than zero for Maximum Weight, say 100, or whatever your maximum order size may be.
  9. Digitally Deliver Edoc File. The product is using an eDocBuilder template and the "Digitally Deliver Edoc File" option has been check marked. This results in a weight of zero for shipping purposes. FedEx, UPS, etc. will not display for items with zero weight. Either uncheck the "Digitally Deliver Edoc File" option, or add a new shipping method (non-integrated, 0 min weight, 0 max weight) for items that are being digitally delivered instead of printed and shipped.
  10. Make sure the weight in the shopping cart is within the weight limits of your shipping method.
  11. See if you have any special services checked off for the shipping method. Certain services are not compatible with all shipping methods.
  12. Testing. Use the Test Shipping Options in Sites > Settings > Shipping to test the Shipping Methods. If a test zip code works, check the Ship To address being used in the Store. The zip may not match the State for example.