Formatting a Vertical Site Logo For Best Layout

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The Pressero default skins try as much as possible not to limit users with visual elements such as the site logo. So in this instance the default skin does not assume any size or ratio for the site logo. Instead Pressero leaves the formatting of the logo up to the subscriber. Below are some helpful tips on how to correctly format a logo so it looks best on your Pressero site.
In most cases a logo with a larger horizontal ratio will work best on most of our skins. Most modern websites go with a horizontal logo to best conserve precious vertical space for more important content like products and pricing.
Here is an example of a horizontal logo on our Bootstrap Basic skin. You can see that the MyOwn Printshop logo works well with this layout because of its wide ratio.

What if your company logo is more vertical than horizontal?

Here is an example of the same site with a more vertical logo. As you can see the layout doesn't work nearly as well and there is a lot of wasted space.

Adjust a Vertical Logo By Adding Content

We don't intend for our users to have to edit their branding just to fit a website but it is a viable option. Here we have edited the logo by adding extra content to the right side of it, improving the branding look, giving more data about the company and making it look better on the site with a more horizontal ratio.

Adjust a Vertical Logo With Blank Space

Here we have kept the exact logo without adding any content to it. We just pulled our original tall logo into our favorite image editor and added blank space to the left and right to the logo giving it a resulting horizontal ratio.