How can I track my marketing success on a B2B site since there is no option for google analytics?

If you are using B2B site exclusively you may come across the limitation of not being able to tell if your direct marketing is driving the traffic to the site, if you get a signup you know about it however, it is difficult to find out how many people are visiting the site and not signing up. To overcome this limitation you can direct your marketing to the informational site that will provide the visitors all the information about products and company and get the users interested in signing up to be a customer. Please check the points below that will allow you to achieve this:
  • You can put a link to the B2B site to sign up in several areas of the informational site
  • You can create a form that takes their information and the form response gives them the link to the B2B site to sign up.
  • For the customers that are already members of your B2B site and are visiting your informational site from a marketing campaign, you can add universal login. This means that the login page on your informational site will allow any customer to log in to their own specific B2B site from one login page. This option will allow the customers to login only, any new users will not be able to signup on the universal login page, they will need to do this on the B2B site login screen (with the option to create an account turned on). Please click here to get more information on universal log-in.