How can I have a pricing calculator where the user only enters a quantity?

Please refer to Example Excel File.xls while reading these instructions. The scenario in the example spreadsheet is of a brochure product where the customer can enter any quantity.
1) In the calculator engine setup area, enter your quantities as normal in the Quantity Parameters area. You would enter your quantities at the points you would like your price breaks to occur.  In the Calculator Parameters option, you'll have one parameter; in the example file, it is called "Brochures." It does not matter what you actually name it, because you will be hiding it from the customer. That parameter should have 1 option. In the example file, that option is "Yes." Again, it doesn't matter what you name it.
2) (At this point, it will be easier to refer to the sample file while you look at the instructions.) After downloading the Excel file, you'll add identical rows of the "Brochures" parameter; just type "Brochures" as the parameter and "Yes" as the option for each row. You will need to add a row for each quantity/price break.  Use the Min Qty and Max Qty columns to divide up the price based on the quantity they select. Here are the settings you should use for all the rows:
   a) Show As Option: No
   b) Applies to: Q1
   c) Billing Type: Single Unit
   d) Min Qty/Max Qty: The minimum quantity for the first row would be 1.  The maximum quantity for the first row would be the first quantity/price break minus 1.  The minimum quantity for the second row would be the first price break.  The maximum quantity for the second row would be the next next quantity/price break minus 1.  You would repeat this process for each subsequent quantity/price break.  The max quantity for the final quantity should be something very large - such as 999999.
   e) Cost Per Billing Unit: Whatever per piece price matches up with the quantity you entered in the Min Qty and Max Qty columns
3) Save the Excel file and upload it to your Calculator pricing engine.