Why isn't my FedEx Ground Shipping method working on my site?

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1) If your FedEx Ground shipping is not working on your site, please verify that you do not have the "Residential Rates" box checked in Preferences > Shipping > Shipping Methods tab > [FedEx Ground shipment method name]. If you would like residential rates for FedEx Ground, you need to select FedEx Home Delivery as the service.
You can also verify that this is the cause of your issue by going to Sites > [site name] > Settings > Shipment tab. Scroll down to the "Test Shipping Options" area. Enter a weight and a postal code and then click the "Test Now" button.  If you see an error message that says:

"Shipment not possible ERROR: [924] This shipment qualifies for FedEx Home Delivery. Please resubmit your request with service type Ground Home Delivery"
Then the residential rates box being checked on a FedEx Ground shipping method is the cause of the error.
2) If you get the below error message on testing the FedEx ground shipping make sure the Packaging services should match with shipping services then only the rates will be fetched
Error message:
Fed Ex Ground
No Pricing Returned by FedEx for the Selected Service
Important Note: FedEx Envelope is a FedEx Express only service, and not available for Ground service
If "FedEx Ground" has Packaging set as "Envelope" then you would need to go to Admin>Methods>Shipping>Edit Shipping Method>change the Packaging to "Your Packaging" and hit Save,the shipping will work fine.