MS Word Text Pasted Into A Product Description Makes the Product Page Look Bad

MS Word adds a lot of extra html code to that can interfere with page layout and display. The text editor area has an option to paste text while cleaning up the extra html code (paste from Microsoft word), and also an option to "paste plain text", using one of these options is suggested. 

To fix the problem text:

  1. Copy the text from the Pressero WYSIWYG edit area and paste it into a plain text editor (Notepad, etc.). This will "clean" (remove) the extra MS Word html.

  2. Copy the text from the plain text editor,

  3. Highlight the text in the Pressero WYSIWYG editing area and paste the new text. This will remove the previous Word infested text. Save. If you need to format the text, do so using the controls built into the Pressero WYSIWYG editor.