I am seeing errors when running the eDocBuilder plugin after it is installed, and/or it is not saving my preference settings for login information?

When the plugin is first loaded and InDesign is launched, the plugin will try to create a file EDOCBUILDER.cfg in the directory containing the pluging. If the permissions for the Windows user account assigned to InDesign do not allow it to modify or create a file in that directory, you may see an error when InDesign starts up or when attempting to use the plugin, it will also not save the plugin preference configuration details. To correct this, find InDesign.exe in the installation directory for the application, right-click for context menu, go to Properties, then to Compatibility, check Run as Administrator and Apply the settings. If this does not get rid of startup errors and/or does not allow the plugin to save your login information entered into the preferences for the plugin, you may need to have your system administrator review your user permissions and rights, as well as permissions and rights assigned to the InDesign application executable file.

Please see the main documentation page for the eDocBuilder plugin for any further information, or open a ticket to Aleyant Support at support.aleyant.com if this does not help to resolve the error you are seeing.